Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Green Tea Eye Pads!

Good morning beautybugs!

For the past week I've had really bad headaches and sinus pressure, and I've also had the worst black bags under my eyes. So much so that I could easily be mistaken for a panda! As cute as they are, it's not such a great beauty look!

So instead of just using puffy eye creams, I wanted to try something different and soothing, to help ease the pain and that puffy swollen feeling.

Can I introduce you to my miracle that is Oriental Green Tea Eye Pads by Skin Benefits! Now I know you might say why not just use a Green Tea Bag, well you could but there's not much fun in that.
These things are super refreshing, cooling and are such a treat. I literally took a time out for 10-15 mins, laid down for a little relax time whilst these soothers worked their magic!
And it really was like magic! The puffiness had reduced and helped my pain, whilst making you feel all calm and peaceful!

I highly recommend these, they're sooo suitable for the tired eyes, the I've been working too much eyes and those teary moment eyes!

I've also tried their Cucumber Eye Pads! So if you want to try these quick fixes, they're available from Holland and Barrett for just £2.55

Have you tried these?

L x


Monday, 24 February 2014

Bargain Box: Monday Bargain Number 2

So as it's Monday again! That means the bargain box is back!

Wondering what's in it today? It's time for a lucky dip!

Here's my pick, now let's unwrap!

It's Timotei Pure Dry Shampoo

Instead of picking up the usual Batiste dry shampoo, I thought it was time for a change!

So how does it compare?

Well with Timotei dry shampoo, you have to spray your roots and then leave alone for 2 minutes and then brush out!
And the verdict?
Hmm to be honest I'm not quite sure how much of a difference this really made, it did feel quite nice in the beginning, quite fresh, but my hair still felt a bit dead and not really that clean and alive!
It's price made it a bargain though! At 50% off and a grand total of only £1.74, it does save you a little bit of money in comparison to other products like Batiste. So If you want to purchase a dry shampoo that is free from paraben and silicone and want one that doesn't leave any residue or powder in your hair, then this may help! But personally I think it would be better to save up your pennies and buy a more expensive dry shampoo!

What's your favourite dry shampoo?

L x


Saturday, 22 February 2014

Cheek Stamp Blush

So the blushes I've reviewed in the past have been amazing but pretty normal in terms of how they come! However this little blush is certainty not a usual one you would find hanging around on the shelves in many stores!

It's a Cheek Stamp Blush by Seventeen! Unusual huh?
You just stamp it onto the apples of your cheeks so you're left with round blobs on your cheeks! (Like a clown!) but then you just blend it and as if by magic, you're blushing naturally!

These come in 5 different colours but I picked Blushin! A very light pastel pink colour. After stamping myself to death in Boots whilst choosing which shade to get I decided on this one because it was the lightest and I was a bit worried of having coloured circles on my face! I don't really think there was much to fear as it blends down very well for a natural flush of blush, plus it's super soft!

Here's it swatched on the back of my hand!

To get started you unscrew the lid, and you're presented with a beautiful white stamp! Don't push it up and down like me waiting for the blush to come out! Because it won't! The colour is actually in the lid! So take the plastic off, push your stamp in the lid, and then you're ready to get stamping! This blush lasts on your cheeks a pretty long while too and because it's so small it is amazing for taking it out and about on your daily journeys! Just perfect for those moments when you really need to stamp some colour back onto your face! At £4.99 I think this little beauty is worth it, definitely a kind of product which makes putting blush on super exciting!

Have you tried this, or an unusual type of blush?

L x

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Matte Manicure

Alright my lovelies!

I'm all about switching the normal glossy nail varnish for a matte beauty today! I do enjoy painting my nails in Barry M's Hi-shine Gelly polishes but I'm betraying that finish today for one of their matte nail polishes! I was debating the white matte nail polish from Topshop but then I thought this Barry M nail polish in Vanilla was super cute!

The finish is great, you need about 2 coats and it dries pretty quickly! Which is always a bonus if you get impatient like me!!!!

It's great, I did get a bit confused with its name though, the colour is not what I would describe as vanilla as it's more of a pink nude colour with a kind of grey twist! It is a very pretty shade though which I think is lovely! It will also match one of the many colours in the week you chose to dress in!

So it's literally a thumbs up from me for this matte look!
Just remember if you're going matte, no glossy top coats, only matte top coats that's if you want a top coat!

Have you tried one of the other Barry M Matte Nail Polishes? Or even the Topshop ones?

L x


Monday, 17 February 2014

Bargain Box! Weekly Monday Lucky Dip bargains!

Roll up roll up, today I'm starting something a little bit different! Which I'm going to be doing every Monday! Yes I shall be delving into my BARGAIN BOX!

Everything in my box is guess what? A BARGAIN!

Here's my box:

Just like a lucky dip, I pull a little treat out!

What is it?

It's a lipstick! Yay! Ok time for the technical bit! Its a Rimmel moisture renew lipstick. In the colour 200 Latino. It's a pinky yet peachy toned lipstick which looks a lot lighter than it does on the actual tube and as part of their moisturising renew collection it's super nourishing for your lips due to the added vitamins!

And why is it a bargain?
Well this little lovely set me back £1.49 from nowhere other than Tesco's. At £1.49 for this little fierce number I just couldn't resist!

What's really random about this lipstick is that it tastes of suncream! You could shut your eyes, lick your lips and it's just like you're on holiday!

So I hope you enjoyed a sneak peek in the bargain box on this lovely Monday! Fear not it'll be back next Monday to showcase some more mad bargains!

If you've got any little bargain tips, do let me know!

L x

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Sweet sushi: MAC Japanese Maple

Good day Lovehearts!

So my family recently came back from a trip to Japan. Just a little bit jealous that I couldn't go, but it meant that I got to hear some exciting stories and even got a few little treats on their return! This inspired me to loveheart it up a bit! (Yes that is loveheart sushi!)

So on this magical Saturday I got super excited when one of my MAC lipsticks happened to be called Japanese Maple! I couldn't quite go to Japan but a Japan inspired beauty product could come to me!

Japanese maple belongs to probably my favourite type of MAC lipsticks, yes it's a Cremesheen! Mmm

As you can see its a pretty nude shade! Perfect for the up and coming nude lips trend!

Being a Cremesheen means it's moisturising and kind to your lips leaving a beautiful shine!

My verdict on this shade: it's a pretty one! It's a lovely neutral tone, not overdone and with the tiniest bit of shimmer! It's lovely if you're looking for a nice nude/beige tone, simple and sophisticated for everyday use and it will match millions of outfits. As it is quite neutral it could potentially border on the too pale side, but that all depends on your skin tone and if you're a bold lipstick lover. It is super cute and the name is just adorable! 

Have you tried Japanese Maple? or do you have a favourite nude shade lipstick?

L x


Thursday, 13 February 2014

Valentine's Day! Love Lips! (Literally!)

Happy Valentines Day Lovelies!

Now this Valentine's day, instead of showing you my favourite red lipstick, I have decided to show you an usual lip product! And unusual being the correct word!
Say hello to Bella by Violent Lips!

Yes this is a temporary lip tattoo! Now I wouldn't really go out wearing this but I thought I'd have some Valentine's day fun! I didn't really have high hopes for it as usually these kind of products are gimmicky ones! But I'm really surprised that this actually works! You cut the stencils to fit your lips, stick it to your lips, dab the paper back with a little water and then voila it's done! So peel it off and it's stuck! Sure there are some little flappy bits on the side but on the whole it actually works! Haha

Here are my Love lips!

So sure if you want some cheesy random fun! Pick these up!

And here's a little few heart treats to wish you a Happy Valentines Day!


L x

Happy Valentine's Eve Everyone!

Happy Valentine's Eve!

Instead of telling you all what I think are hot or top Valentine picks to give your loved ones this V day! (Or the ones which we'd all love to receive!)

I think the most important thing regardless of whether you've got a Valentine who loves you tomorrow or not is to make sure you love yourself! Because at the end of the day we all only get one life and well one self! I know most of us all struggle with this for many different reasons! But here's my message to all you beauties out there!

(And don't let anyone or anything tell you otherwise!)

All have a fantastic Thursday! And here's some hearts from me to you!

L x


Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Adios Puffy Eyes!

I'm sure we've all been there! Where we feel like we've got great big bags under our eyes, or where the area around your eyes appears swollen or irritated. I suffer from this a lot! Whether it be from just having a busy day and grit getting stuck in your eyes, or dry eyes from airplane travel or even just certain allergies aggravating them. Sometimes you just feel like you're the only one on the planet with outrageously puffy eyes! Well that's definitely me! And I've found my solution!

Before I bought Origins No Puffery, I literally felt urghhh with my eyes, but this little miracle cools and soothes the area around your eyes. Working its magic it depuffs! And it really does! Who knew a quick little roll and pat could do wonders! Gone are the days of putting an ice cube on my face to try and take down my puffiness!!!!
This little diamond is cute and slim and literally is a magic product in a tube.

The only thing that's not so peachy is its price! It is quite expensive at £24.00 for a tube! But then again I would rather pay more for something that works than waste small amounts on having to buy lots of products which don't work.
I love No Puffery simply because it works and I suppose a little of it does go a long way!

Do you suffer from puffy eyes? Do you have a miracle product that helps?

L x

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Think Pink

A Salute to my pink army of cleanliness!

For years I've loved these little PocketBac's! The excitement of going into Bath and Body Works and seeing if they have any new flavours! Well this time I decided to THINK PINK and went all out in pink style! I even managed to pick a few pink newbies to complete my 5! Pink Vanilla Macaroon, Sugar Berry Shortcake and Cotton Candy Bliss! Mmm
What's best is that these antibacs smell great, save you from any sticky hand situations and fit perfectly in your handbag!
So I salute these saviours for keeping my little 'pinkies' clean and germ free!

Are you a hand gel fanatic? Which ones can you recommend? Some brands really dry my hands out, so I'd love to know your top ones!

L x

Monday, 10 February 2014

Red Red Red

As February is the month of love, red roses, hearts and kisses. I've decided to start the week by showing some love to all the beautiful red things around!

Red Lipstick
Crystal Bracelets
Red Soles
Strawberry Laces
Nail Polish
Red Purse
Jammie Dodgers!

And I even wrote a little red verse to show my love to red!

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Look for everything red
As it's all around you

I've just become so inspired by all the cheesy Valentine's Day cards out there!!!! I can't resist picking them up and having a giggle!

What's your favourite red thing?

L x

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Lip Glossing YSL style!

There's just something about gloss! And there's definitely just something about YSL Gloss Volupte.

After my little orange lipstick addiction, I've toned it down a tad and I'm now all about the nude lips!
A little YSL number which I heart right now is Gloss Volupte in shade 20 Nude Carat. I could stare at it all day, it just looks so pretty with its glimmering and glistening glitter.

So it definitely is great in its box and on the outside but is it great on the inside?

Of course it is!

I just love the applicator in these glosses, it's lip shape is very unique and means the gloss goes on evenly and smoothly. Plus it's just like they're blowing kisses at you! All whilst applying the perfect amount of shimmer and sparkle! Magic

It's got a kind of fruity melon scent which makes it a little bit more sweeter! It leaves a beautiful all over shine perfect for beautiful natural nude lips and is not sticky like some lip glosses out there.

Obviously if you don't like the glossy shine lips then this is probably not for you, but I am partial to a bit of gloss and this gloss keeps moisture well and truly locked in! You can use these glosses alone or over the top of your normal lipsticks! So I just adore it!

YSL have many more shades of these glosses. I'm eyeing up some lovely rose and coral shades which would be perfect for spring!
Even though not overly sticky just beware of the weather at the moment when applying this, as these strong winds here in London may result in a sticky situation. (Hair stuck to your lip gloss kind of drama! Arghh!!!!)

I just want to own them all!
Have you tried these little beauties?

L x


Saturday, 8 February 2014

Shimmer Brick Saturday!

Well hello there Shimmer Brick Saturday! Gone are the days of Saturday night disco, now it's time for some real sophisticated shimmer. That's where my magic beauty steps in.

Bobbi Brown's Shimmer Brick compact in Wild Rose. This little compact of shimmering goodness adds a lovely glow to your cheeks and eyelids. As we open it in all it's glory, there are 5 lovely pink shades to reveal. They vary from rosy light pinks to dark peachy pink tones. They're so beautiful and soft with just the right amount of glitter to give that natural shine when the light catches them. Definitely a product which ticks the highlight, shimmer and glow boxes. This little box is great because these shimmers can also be used as eye shadows. I just love wearing pink eye shadows at the moment and these ones especially add some warmth through their tones but still enable you to have a really fresh natural make up look because they definitely don't look overdone. You can build with these shades by finding your perfect depth.

For an all over glow just use a big brush to add a soft all over shimmer or pop some of the lighter rosy shade on the tops of your cheeks for a healthy blush.
I'm not just in love with the inside of this box but the gold writing on the front just gives it that classy elegant feel. So even if you do end up in a cheesy Saturday night disco, having this little beaut in your bag will make you feel a million miles away!

Have you tried any of these shimmer bricks in other shades or have a favourite shimmer brick? Do share!

L x

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Pastel power!

Alright my pink lovelies!

Today's splash of pink, is in a pastel hue!

Pastel pink is so pretty and so on trend! I just loveheart it so much!
If you're not overly fond of pink, but still want to rock a pinkish look, why not do it with accessories?

A pink ring
A pink bag

Or even if you want to hide the fact you're wearing pink! Maybe some pink socks!


Now Let me tell you a story behind this handbag. I snapped up this handbag candy in a Kate Spade outlet in Palm Desert! This little beauty caught my eye straight away but then someone else picked it up! I literally cried inside because it was the last one on the shelf! So I asked if they had any more, and then they said no! A tear almost fell from my eyes! So instead of leaving the shop I did the 'let me pretend to look at the other bags whilst I'm actually secretly following this lady in the off chance she puts it back!' No luck, she went to the till to pay! I then decided that this handbag mission was over! I was looking at some purses then when by magic at the till she decided she didn't want it and the sales assistant walked over to put it back on the shelf. I flew over and asked if it was available and she said YES and then this beauty landed in my hands! It was mine. I paid and left with the biggest smile!

So sometimes a little persistence (and a little luck) can make your dreams come true!
Have you got any funny stories behind any loved purchases? I really would love to hear them, it really does make you love a product that bit more! I hope I'm not alone, I sound a bit of a frantic shopaholic!

L x

Passion peel off

Aloha lovelies!

Today I decided to have some face mask fun! I'm feeling a bit sluggish this week so I thought let's feel a bit more alive with a peel off, all in time for the weekend! 

So today's chosen face mask is the easy peasy Montagne Jeunesse Passion Peel off. It's pomegranate and Passion flower flavour.
This one is pink surprisingly! It's also very transparent on the skin! 

It's slightly cooling when you put it on and has a very strong fruity sweet smell. 
Slightly too strong for me! But this baby is suitable for both normal and oily skin.

So for 10-15 mins whilst this is working its magic, you can sit back and relax.

And remember the hair band, you don't want sticky hair central like me! 

And when the times up you can peel peel peel! But gently, no tugging!
I struggle with this, the edges come off well but I always get the sticky remnants all around my cheeks and nose, so always have a flannel handy!
But on the happy side my skin feels softer and a bit more glowier. I still look a bit sleepy but I'm definitely feeling more alive and refreshed!

So for some cheap face mask fun, these masks are great but in my opinion I think I prefer other flavour's, I love their chocolate ones, they're much easier to wash off!

I would love to hear your recommended flavours, if you've tried any?

L x


Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Encore Encore!

Well I was going through my makeup stash! And it was like christmas all over again! The feeling of finding those products which you've barely used but you love! One bright beauty that popped out at me, was my e.l.f HD blush.

It's bright indeed!
It's in the colour Encore which is pink. A kind of fuschia and crushed raspberry tone. I think these little blushes were meant to rival the Makeup Forever HD blushes. which are priced considerably more. On the U.K site these e.l.f blushes sell for £3.75 so they don't come with a hefty price tag.

They also sell them in 4 additional colours, but at the time I bought Encore these were all sold out, so Encore it was!
So basically you pump this out, but you only need a tiny bit! A real TINY bit! It is heavily pigmented so the tiniest bit spreads a long long way! This particular shade looks quite bold and fierce at first but rest assured when blended, it changes to a lovely softer glowier colour. As applying this requires a tiny bit I pop it on the back of my hand and then just use my fingers to blend well.

The result is a flawless look! It's great and as you don't need a lot at all, this will last a long long time!

It's definitely a great product for such a reasonable price.

Using this product again has definitely rekindled my love for e.l.f. I find they pretty much always hit the spot.

I've recently just got their HD powder too, so keep your eyes open for a post all about this very soon!

L x


Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Lipstick Loving

I received the most beautiful card today! It's like lipstick heaven.

Me being me thought, wouldn't it be amazing to be able to recreate this with my own real lipsticks!
So my lipstick collection in pink tones is set to increase!
I already know that my MAC angel lipstick would match the pale one perfectly!
As lipsticks are very important I thought it was essential that they had their very own place to live.
I just couldn't get over how cute this lipstick organiser was!

So if your lipsticks are all over the place, show them some love and organise them!
I think I might need to get a few more of these! One is most definitely not enough!

L x

Monday, 3 February 2014

Pink week: Pink pamper!

So this week I'm deciding to make everything pink related, because pink is a beaut and it is of course the month of love and hearts!

Happy pink week from me to you!

First up to begin the week! I know its kinda in reverse and you usually pamper yourself at the end of the week! But doing things a bit different and backwards isn't always bad right?

So let's start with a pink pamper party. Recently whilst I was in Miami, I went shopping a fair bit! Whoops! But then I came across an amazing bargain whilst in Victoria's Secret.

This ultimate spa kit includes:
Pink sea salt ( body polish)
Pink sugar (body bar)
Coconut oil ( sickening body wash)
Smooth paraffin ( hand treatment)
Sweet almond oil ( moisturizing body lotion)

And at 75% off! it only set me back $6.25! Beautiful! I just couldn't resist it!

So if you're feeling all sluggish, having a manic Monday, switch everything off and pamper yourself. I know you might not be able to get hold of these exact pink products but making sure you're all moisturised and refreshed can really make you feel all new and ready to attack the week ahead!

I really recommend hand moisturisers with paraffin in, if you have really dry hands, it really nourishes your hands so well and leaves your hands silky soft!
So this pink beauty I have, really does the trick, especially as temperatures keep dipping that bit lower!
Also a lovely body bar like this one, really makes you feel all glowy, like you've scrubbed off any dirt that makes you feel all ughh! This bar includes Shea butter which is great for cleansing. So I recommend trying a body bar with Shea butter in.

Why not try and pamper yourself in pure pink style! What are your favourite pamper body products?

L x
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