Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Adios Puffy Eyes!

I'm sure we've all been there! Where we feel like we've got great big bags under our eyes, or where the area around your eyes appears swollen or irritated. I suffer from this a lot! Whether it be from just having a busy day and grit getting stuck in your eyes, or dry eyes from airplane travel or even just certain allergies aggravating them. Sometimes you just feel like you're the only one on the planet with outrageously puffy eyes! Well that's definitely me! And I've found my solution!

Before I bought Origins No Puffery, I literally felt urghhh with my eyes, but this little miracle cools and soothes the area around your eyes. Working its magic it depuffs! And it really does! Who knew a quick little roll and pat could do wonders! Gone are the days of putting an ice cube on my face to try and take down my puffiness!!!!
This little diamond is cute and slim and literally is a magic product in a tube.

The only thing that's not so peachy is its price! It is quite expensive at £24.00 for a tube! But then again I would rather pay more for something that works than waste small amounts on having to buy lots of products which don't work.
I love No Puffery simply because it works and I suppose a little of it does go a long way!

Do you suffer from puffy eyes? Do you have a miracle product that helps?

L x


  1. Replies
    1. I love Origins products too! Definitely worth their money! x

  2. I really need to try this! I hate puffy eyes in the morning!

    1. Ah I know! Puffy eyes are the worst! Haha x

  3. I`ve been looking for a product like this..the price is a bit scary, but if you say it works I think I will try it!

    1. It's definitely well worth a try! No puffy eyes for me! Haha x

  4. I have puffy eyes but havent found a miracle cure yet. Will have a look at this though. Great post xx

    Kal x

  5. Ah hopefully this will be the one that works for you! X


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