Sunday, 30 March 2014

Speckled Sunday Illamasqua!

Happy Sunday Lovelies!

It's been a bit of a frantic week for me! Moving house has left my new house quite a mess with boxes still everywhere! But the beauty is that when you unpack the boxes, it's just like Christmas! In the sense you discover hidden beauty gems! And a little lost and forgotten gem is an Illamasqua Nail Polish which I bought last year! It does remind me of the Models Own polishes which are out at the moment but this little speckled beauty was a bit of a splurge because it was priced at £14.50.

But it's super super beautiful and reminds me of Easter and spring every time I look at my nails! Perfection in a bottle!

So this little bambino is in the colour Speckled Lilac. A perfect pastel for this time of year.

It's super smooth on your nails, so no rough edges and it lasts a really long time! Which is definitely a perk! The consistency is really great! Not too runny or not too gloopy! I used two coats for a really even speckled finish!

I am really really pleased that this little pastel beauty is back in my life and it's definitely my new spring favourite!

Have you tried any other Illamasqua nail polishes? 

Hope you've had a good weekend and Happy Mother's Day to all Mums out there!

L x


Thursday, 27 March 2014

A little bit of beauty while you work!

Good Morning! 

Now this is a kind of different post today! I'm currently in the middle of moving house and my last ever term at Uni! All in all not the best combo, but pretty exciting at the same time!

So whilst pretty much of my life is in boxes! And my head is pretty much in my uni books, I wanted to share with you a few things which are getting me through!

First up when I saw these in Selfridges (whilst I was supposed to be buying birthday presents for my Mum!) I came across these little beauties! Now as a lipstick lover, there was no doubt that I wouldn't be leaving without them! If you're ever snowed under with work, I find pretty stationary definitely eases the pain, and these Lipstick Highlighters certainly do the trick! (Highlight of my life!) Plus there's a purple one, I've never owned a purple highlighter before so this is super exciting in itself! Haha

Also I'm fuelling my herbal tea obsession with these bad boys! Green Tea is not only great for you but it's also supposed to wake you up! So in my hardcore mornings of packing or typing! I've developed an obsession with these Twinings Teas. Here we have Caramelised apple and Salted Caramel. Both are amazing so much so that I can't choose a favourite. They also fill your house with a lovely scent!

Candles candles candles, there's always got to be a candle burning somewhere!
Here's a trio of candles which are relaxing me whilst I work. Now I don't really think they were meant to be burnt at the same time but my house definitely smells of a Red Velvet Sticky Cinnamon Bun Cupcake Mixture! Haha and guess what? It smells divine!

Well I hope you enjoyed reading this, because I certainly enjoyed writing it!

Have you got any little things which you're finding a million times more exciting at the moment?

Have a beautiful day!

L x

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Peach Perfection! Dream Touch Blush!

Good Morning Beauties!

Now we all know how much I love blushes! Well guess what I've got? Yes another blush!!

This time I was feeling in a peachy mood, I don't tend to wear peach shades, but I remember years ago, I had a blush which I used to wear a lot and it had peachy tones to it, and it used to look really nice!

As cream blushes are literally everywhere right now, this peach passion is definitely going to be a creamy peach choice!

So here's my peach choice! Maybelline's Dream touch blush in 02 which is a peach perfection!

It's really soft and whippy to touch, probably not as buttery as some blushes I have tried, but soft and smooth enough!
The colour is really lovely, and quite warming! Not peach/orange overload! But a nice natural look! I really like the warmth of it, but I reckon if you want a real glow, I think you would need quite a bit of it, as the colour when spread disappears a fair bit! Overall it's natural, but I'm not too sure how long this product will last!

I'm a fan of topshop cream blushes which seem more softer and spread a bit smoother, so I really want to try head over heels, which looks like a lovely coral/peachy perfection!

But for a natural peach glow this creamy blush is a sound choice!

Have you tried this blush before?

L x


Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Cupcake in a pot

Good Morning!

I'm having a LUSH kinda day! That means a day testing out some of my new LUSH goodies! YAY!

The first one I'll show you is my Cupcake fresh face mask! It's a brown mixture, looks like it has chocolate chips in it and literally smells like a cupcake in a pot with a kind of mint twist! Nothing better to spread over your face! It's kind of like smearing chocolate cake mix on yourself, but this actually helps your skin!

I was drawn in by the name and the smell, I can never resist! This face mask comes in a lovely little pot priced at £5.95. Although it is kind of expensive compared to just buying the packet ones, the mixture does go a long way, and I reckon that you could get around 6-8 masks out of this. So technically there's not too much difference.

I popped the mask on my face, carefully spreading it (which spread really well!) It didn't feel sticky or annoying like some face masks can. After 5-10 mins I washed it off! It was easy, no annoying remnants left in my hair and no sticky bits left on my face, definitely a mask which is flannel friendly.

The result, it has totally left my skin more glowier and fresh. I can actually see a real difference, which is great because my skin has been really dull and allergies have been affecting me really bad lately. So top points to this mask. What's best is that the ingredients are fresh, so no nasty chemicals that can aggravate your skin! But because of this just beware the masks come with an expiry date, so you have to cupcake your face frequently!

Have you tried this face mask? Or have you tried any of the other Lush flavours which you recommend?

L x


Sunday, 16 March 2014

Summer skin! Sephora style

Hello on this sunny sunday!  I hope that this weather is getting you super super excited for summer! (It is for me!) YAY SUNSHINE!

And we all know what that means?

Yes, summer skin!

Now I have a few little beauties to help achieve that super silky smooth and soft skin we all want for some spring and summer fun!

Welcome Sephora Chocolate Mositurizing Body Lotion and Sephora Chocolate Creamy Body Wash!

Now Sephora, when I bought this pair sold a wide rainbow of different colour and flavoured body products just like these! But I was drawn in by the beautiful chocolatey scent of these and I also wanted to see how they matched up in comparison to Palmers famous cocoa butter! 

Well first off the body lotion is a lot thinner and absorbs a lot quicker than Palmers does! It's possibly not as moisturizing as Palmers, but it certainly does the trick! The creamy body wash is definitely creamy and foamy! What's best is that they both smell divine! You can definitely walk around smelling like a chocolate scented goddess! 

These would make great gifts as Sephora also sell other products in their own bath and body range and they wrap them up really pretty! If not a treat for yourself is definitely a must!! Haha there's nothing better than having super soft summer baby skin! 

What are your favourite bath and body products?

L x

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Tea & Crumpets anyone?

Hello beauties!

I am super excited today because I've just completed my last piece of Uni coursework ever! Arghh it's definitely super scary, but I'm edging closer to freedom! Yay!

Anyways after too much time with my head in the books I decided that my nails were in need of a bit of TLC, so when I saw a beautiful little Essie polish staring at me, I just had to paint them!

So I had a 'Tea & Crumpets' session! Well not real life tea and crumpets, but this little beauty!

It's a neutral pink nail polish, which has a beautiful shine to it and looks even more super shiny when the sunshines or the light catches it! I love this colour so much, it's just so natural, girly and pretty, literally perfect for any occasion. Also I find it's up to the great Essie standard as it leaves a silky smooth finish!

If your nails are in need of some TLC too, Tea & Crumpets will sort them out for sure!

Have you tried this polish? What's your favourite Essie shade?

L x


Friday, 7 March 2014

Magic in a Pot! Origins Super Spot Remover

Happy Friday!

We all love Fridays don't we? Well we normally do, but not when our faces are feeling all yuck and affected by every little nasty thing out there.
Usually I'm very very lucky with my skin! The worst thing I have is the occasional blemish here and there, and some dryness caused by the weather. But right now I literally have no idea what my face is up to. I'm literally reacting to something but I don't know what, and if anything this is driving me a bit more crazy. So whilst I was shopping (on one of my many shopping trips haha!) I decided to buy the Origins Super Spot Remover to see if this could help take away the unknown outburst on my face.

It comes in a cute little pack of 10ml. A little blue bottle full of clear gel which you apply once to three times a day, as required.
It's so cute and diddy but at £14 it does appear to be on the expensive side. But you know what I don't really care because this little baby is a whizz. In fact it should come with a magic wand, because it has eliminated whatever has been happening on my face and my skin looks brand new again! I am actually amazed by how great it is!

I hope I won't need to use this too often, but now I know I've got a friend in the form of a little gel that I can turn to whenever my skin misbehaves.

Have you ever tried this Origins product?

L x


Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Pancake Wax Melts!

Hello and Happy Pancake Day!

I'm not going to show you how to make pancakes! Purely because I can't really cook and it would be the ultimate pancake disaster! But I shall keep this post pancake related, well because it is Pancake day and that only happens once a year!!!!

Today I've picked up an oil burner with some beautiful butterflies on it. This was £8 and what attracted me the most (apart from the butterflies) was the special offer where you got the wax melts for free! Literally I was sold, I didn't have to pay the £3 for these melts and you got to choose from any flavour your heart wished! I'm so gullible for offers like this as there's nothing better than a home/room filled with heavenly scents!

So guess which flavour I picked?

Yes that's right! Country Pancakes and Syrup!!!!!

You heard right! Who would have thought they sold/even made this flavour! But they do and it's gorgeous! It's sweet and just smells so real! I really wish this smell could transport through the internet to you all!

So if you can't make pancakes like me, here's a tip, buy some store ones and get this wax melt, and no one will ever know! Haha

These are from the 'our own candle company', they have millions of other flavours which I just can't wait to try and melt!

What's your favourite candle scent?

L x


Sunday, 2 March 2014

Pop and Glow

Hello! On this fine fresh Sunday March Day!

If you're like me, you're probably wondering where the last month actually went! It's the 2nd March already! So crazy!

But let's not worry about that, because there are more beautiful things to talk about! And today that's blush!

I think I'm becoming a little obsessed with it, but can you blame me, there are wayyyyyy too many pretty shades out there to tempt me!

Today's hot choice is No7 Pop and Glow Cream Blush! I think I was pretty much sold by its name! Walking past a product which kind of makes you giggle to yourself is always one which ends up in my basket!

Now I can't really say I'm a huge fan of No7, it's kind of one of those hit and miss brands for me, but I just had to try the pop and glow, because it's always handy to have something you can pop into your bag to achieve a super speedy look and it always spices up your beauty routine by trying something a bit different!

The No7 pop and glow is a blush which you roll on your cheek and then blend, it looks a bit like a giant crayon/chubby stick to be honest, but that doesn't mean you colour in your whole face! Just apply a little amount and blend, and then you're glowing! The texture is soft and buttery so it blends in pretty well! I bought Rose Blossom, a cute pinkish blush, but they also sell 2 more shades: Mango Sorbet and Classic Rose.

I think it's quite a good concept, as it adds a natural blush, and blends fairly well. This shade isn't too strong so if you're after something which doesn't add too much colour it will be great. But if you really want to add some flush to your cheeks it could be a bit too pale. I can't really say if this is the case for the other shades as I haven't tried them, but the pop and glow is good for adding a little colour to your cheeks and it's always good to try these unusual blushes!

Have you tried these? I would love to know!

L x
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