Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Pancake Wax Melts!

Hello and Happy Pancake Day!

I'm not going to show you how to make pancakes! Purely because I can't really cook and it would be the ultimate pancake disaster! But I shall keep this post pancake related, well because it is Pancake day and that only happens once a year!!!!

Today I've picked up an oil burner with some beautiful butterflies on it. This was £8 and what attracted me the most (apart from the butterflies) was the special offer where you got the wax melts for free! Literally I was sold, I didn't have to pay the £3 for these melts and you got to choose from any flavour your heart wished! I'm so gullible for offers like this as there's nothing better than a home/room filled with heavenly scents!

So guess which flavour I picked?

Yes that's right! Country Pancakes and Syrup!!!!!

You heard right! Who would have thought they sold/even made this flavour! But they do and it's gorgeous! It's sweet and just smells so real! I really wish this smell could transport through the internet to you all!

So if you can't make pancakes like me, here's a tip, buy some store ones and get this wax melt, and no one will ever know! Haha

These are from the 'our own candle company', they have millions of other flavours which I just can't wait to try and melt!

What's your favourite candle scent?

L x



  1. This is actually so cool, I have never seen one of these before!! Will definitely be picking one up soon! :)xx

    1. Yes do! It literally smells soooo good! x

  2. My favourite is vanilla+honey! I have an oil burner which I never use - This will change! Thank you!


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