Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain in Barcelona Nights

Hello Lovelies!

I've been doing a bit too much shopping lately! Oops! But that means another product to share with you!

Today's is a new lip stain find! It's the new Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain in the shade Barcelona Nights. I usually don't opt for these berry looking tones but I felt like a change. I would say this is a berry pink colour with blue undertones. Definitely a lovely colour for summer days and nights!

The packaging is so gorgeous, I think that it looks incredibly sleek and classy in every single shade.

These lip stains are meant to provide your lips with a beautiful colour and also provide moisture due to the vitamin E and aloe in them.

The moisture is definitely a perk for me. This is how it looks:

Overall I absolutely love the colour, the berry tones seem to suit my skin tone well, and the colour is incredibly long lasting. It leaves a glossy and kind of wet type of look whilst leaving your lips feeling quite moisturised. What's great is that I found the product took to your lips quickly and didn't leave that sticky feeling that you can get from these type of lip products.
It's definitely a lip stain that I want to test out in other colours and I'm super happy that this little stain has joined my growing lip products!

Have you tried these Revlon lip stains?

L x


Sunday, 25 May 2014

Eos Berry Blossom Hand Lotion

Hi Beauties!

I hope you're having a lovely weekend!

Now as I'm an eos (evolution of smooth) lip balm lover, I see it as a little sphere of lip goodness, I just couldn't resist testing out their hand lotion too! Especially when I saw it for $1.99 in Target. I thought what a beauty bargain!

I just absolutely love the packaging of all these products and the hand lotion is equally as cute and handy to pop in your handbag!
As I've been travelling a lot lately and venturing to warmer weather, my poor little hands have been a bit neglected, so I put the eos hand lotion to the test.

This pink pocket rocket is in the berry blossom flavour and is said to provide 24 hour moisture and be fast absorbing.

Verdict is that this eos is beautiful, it really does work pretty fast and is not greasy at all. As it absorbs so quickly you think you need a bit more, but in my opinion you don't. A little actually works and after a while your hands feel super soft and smooth. The scent is just gorgeous. A subtle berry floral scent which feels light and fresh. This hand lotion is perfect to pop in your bag, and to take out on the go. To always keep your hands in a beautiful tip top condition!

Have you tried any eos products?

L x

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

DIY Green Tea Ice Cubes

Hey Beauties!

It's going to be a slightly different post today. A special and super easy DIY task!

Now I know summer is looming and this usually means the sun makes an appearance! (Well fingers crossed!) And when it gets that little bit hotter, sometimes your face can get a little bit puffier and allergies/hayfever can play up like crazyyyy!
My eyes especially get so swollen and sticky.
So I figured that this simple little trick eased some of my symptoms.

Green Tea Ice Cubes

It really is super super easy to make and if you don't suffer from allergies, it's just a lovely soothing facial!

1. First you've got to make some tea! I just used Green Tea, but I suppose any flavour green tea will work, so if you've got some fruity green tea, give it a go. So boil your kettle, pop a bag in and let it brew.

2. After a few mins, take out the bag, and pour your tea into some ice cube trays! (Be 
careful, the tea is HOT!)

3. Pop it in your freezer and patiently wait a few hours

4. Your ice cubes should be frozen! And you're ready to soothe.

Once you have your ice cubes, you're ready to rock and roll with them. I like to roll them around my face in circular motions. A little tip is to hold them in kitchen roll at the hand end. Sometimes it can get a bit chilly, if it's too cold just cover them in a cloth. I find this ice cube trick really helps my puffiness, and really refreshes! It's not going to cure your beauty problems but it's definitely a little soother, which I totally love! And it's really cheap!

(It can leave your face a little gloopy afterwards so just wash it off!)

Have you tried green tea ice cubes before?

L x


Sunday, 18 May 2014

Sephora Luster Matte Long-Wear Lip Color

Hello Beauties!

As we all know I'm addicted to lipsticks/glosses/balms! Any lip product and I'm away with the lip lover fairies!

So I thought I'd let you in on what I'm currently loving to wear on my lips!
It's the Sephora Luster Matte Long-Wear Lip Color in the shade Petal!
This shade is new, and I'm sooo glad I found it because this lip colour is way up there!

I can't usually say I'm the biggest fan of matte lipsticks because I find they tend to be quite drying and so I normally opt for the more creamier products, but then you take the consequence that they're not usually so long lasting.

This Sephora product is a super product I swear! It's really light and feels moisturising whilst providing that wow colour with a little lasting sheen. Also I'm so impressed that it doesn't budge, it's incredibly long lasting which means there's no need for reapplication. The only thing I regret is that I don't own the whole colour range!

If you're looking for a long lasting, nourishing and beautiful colour, this lip product will seriously take you to lip heaven. Definitely worth the $16 price tag!

Have you tried these Luster Matte Lip Colors?

L x


Tuesday, 13 May 2014

REN Clean Skincare Micro Polish Cleanser

Hey Lovelies!

Today I wanted to share with you a skincare product which I can't get enough of! It's the REN Clean Skincare Micro Polish Cleanser. This cleanser is part of their Radiance range, and is aimed at cleansing and exfoliating your face to leave it radiant and renewed. It states you only need to use this cleanser 2-3 times a week. So this makes it super easy to fit into anyone's beauty routine.

I didn't know what to expect with this cleanser, I mean I love REN's other products but I didn't think I'd get a particular wow just from using a cleanser. But a WOW I certainly got. Just from one use I saw a difference, my face has never felt so soft. You only need to use a tiny bit of the product and for an exfoliating cleanser it's incredibly gentle, so it doesn't leave you with a scratched face! It decongests your skin due to the Glycolic acid present, removes the dead skin allowing it to renew! Its' scent is fresh and fruity with a mixture of papaya and pineapple and what's best is that I can firmly say I actually really enjoy using this cleanser!

If you're after a new cleanser or a product to awaken/help your face I highly recommend this product and you can pick it up for £20. I'm usually very lucky with my skin, but before I used this cleanser it felt so dull, uneven and I was experiencing a few breakouts due to reactions from other products. However now after using this cleanser for a while, I can't believe how fresh, soft and energised my face is! This cleanser is one of my favourite products in my skincare routine.

Have you tried this cleanser or any other products from REN Clean Skincare?

L x


Thursday, 8 May 2014

Blue Beauty Budget Challenge

Hello Lovelies!

It's Thursday which means we're almost at the weekend! I seem to suffer from that little midweek slump waiting for the weekend to arrive so I decided to set myself a little midweek challenge!

A bit random but instead of buying the usual essential beauty bits! I went on a mission to see how many blue things I could get for £6! (No idea why I chose £6!) but it was actually pretty fun! Definitely looked like a kid on a treasure hunt though!

I hit Superdrug, which made my little challenge a dream because they had soooo many items on offer and at 50% off! And the best bit is lots of them were actually BLUE!!!

So here are my blue bambinos:

Olay face wash

MUA blue nail polish

Palmer's Cocoa butter lip balm

Original Source Coconut shower gel (cheated a bit with the blue theme, it  just smelt too good!)

Haribo Starmix

Antibacterial handy wipes

With a grand total of £5.90 I even came in 10p under budget.

So all in all my budget was met, bargains were gained and I've got a little bag full of blue goodies!

If you feel like adding a pop of colour to your usual shop, or like setting yourself a midweek challenge this is a pretty simple way to get you smiling over buying antibacterial hand wipes!
Plus it really opens your eyes that there are so many offers out there which you would normally overlook! And you can even colour coordinate your basket!

Do you ever set yourself little challenges to spice things up?

L x


Sunday, 4 May 2014

My hearts 2

Happy Bank Holiday Lovelies!

Hope you have some great plans for the weekend and that the sunshine's on your side!

This week I thought as I enjoyed the last photo type post I did, that it was time for a second round of 'my hearts'.
So here are some of the things I've been loving this last week!

Top left: possibly one of the most amazing candles I've come across! Cinnamon Sugared Doughnut! It smells heavenly, and I managed to snap this up from Bath and Body Works on a day when it was on special offer! So it only set me back $5! $5 for a little scent of heaven, total bargain!

Top Right: only one little bag of many! I had a few trips to Sephora, I'll be doing a few posts in the future showing you what's inside. Stay tuned!

Bottom right: if you saw my photo post from my previous hearts, you'll know it contains jelly beans! I love jelly beans, so Im fuelling my obsession with Mike and Ike's this week! I like to think they're my little beans of revision fuel! Tropical Typhoon makes me feel like I'm far far away on a tropical vacation! Aaaaah!

Left Right: my new baby! It's a Tom Ford lipstick in the shade Nude Vanille. I'm just obsessed. I love everything about it, and I think it needs a few more TF lipstick pals!

Hope you've enjoyed my hearts this week!

What are you loving?

L x
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