Sunday, 4 May 2014

My hearts 2

Happy Bank Holiday Lovelies!

Hope you have some great plans for the weekend and that the sunshine's on your side!

This week I thought as I enjoyed the last photo type post I did, that it was time for a second round of 'my hearts'.
So here are some of the things I've been loving this last week!

Top left: possibly one of the most amazing candles I've come across! Cinnamon Sugared Doughnut! It smells heavenly, and I managed to snap this up from Bath and Body Works on a day when it was on special offer! So it only set me back $5! $5 for a little scent of heaven, total bargain!

Top Right: only one little bag of many! I had a few trips to Sephora, I'll be doing a few posts in the future showing you what's inside. Stay tuned!

Bottom right: if you saw my photo post from my previous hearts, you'll know it contains jelly beans! I love jelly beans, so Im fuelling my obsession with Mike and Ike's this week! I like to think they're my little beans of revision fuel! Tropical Typhoon makes me feel like I'm far far away on a tropical vacation! Aaaaah!

Left Right: my new baby! It's a Tom Ford lipstick in the shade Nude Vanille. I'm just obsessed. I love everything about it, and I think it needs a few more TF lipstick pals!

Hope you've enjoyed my hearts this week!

What are you loving?

L x


  1. I'm jealous! This exact TF lipstick has been on my wishlist for ages now... ;) Review + swatches please!

  2. aww love this post hun its great, Wish we had Sephora in the UK :( xxx

    Anna-Maria |

  3. I've wanted a Tom Ford lipstick for so long!! xx

  4. Such a great idea for a post that's short and sweet!
    Cinnamon sugared doughnut ... yum.
    Thanks for sending me your link! Have a happy Saturday :)
    Xo, Dani


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