Thursday, 8 May 2014

Blue Beauty Budget Challenge

Hello Lovelies!

It's Thursday which means we're almost at the weekend! I seem to suffer from that little midweek slump waiting for the weekend to arrive so I decided to set myself a little midweek challenge!

A bit random but instead of buying the usual essential beauty bits! I went on a mission to see how many blue things I could get for £6! (No idea why I chose £6!) but it was actually pretty fun! Definitely looked like a kid on a treasure hunt though!

I hit Superdrug, which made my little challenge a dream because they had soooo many items on offer and at 50% off! And the best bit is lots of them were actually BLUE!!!

So here are my blue bambinos:

Olay face wash

MUA blue nail polish

Palmer's Cocoa butter lip balm

Original Source Coconut shower gel (cheated a bit with the blue theme, it  just smelt too good!)

Haribo Starmix

Antibacterial handy wipes

With a grand total of £5.90 I even came in 10p under budget.

So all in all my budget was met, bargains were gained and I've got a little bag full of blue goodies!

If you feel like adding a pop of colour to your usual shop, or like setting yourself a midweek challenge this is a pretty simple way to get you smiling over buying antibacterial hand wipes!
Plus it really opens your eyes that there are so many offers out there which you would normally overlook! And you can even colour coordinate your basket!

Do you ever set yourself little challenges to spice things up?

L x



  1. such a hard challenge! I love Haribo!

  2. That's a lot for so little, you should do a post showing that gorgeous blue polish :) x
    Emily Lavenders

  3. I always try and buy Pink bathroom products and beauty products so that they match my room, even all my shampoos and shower gels have to be pink !!

  4. I really want to try the Palmers Cocoa Butter Lip Balm but it is any good? I came from the #bbloggers blog hop!

    If you could check out my blog and give me some advice, that'd be brilliant!
    Danielle | theperksofprettythings

  5. I swear by the Palmers Cocoa Butter lip balm! It's amazing! Danielle xx

  6. Eee this is such a cool idea and makes such a fun post!
    I love how Haribo made their way into it too haha.

    Best wishes, Danielle x


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