Sunday, 16 March 2014

Summer skin! Sephora style

Hello on this sunny sunday!  I hope that this weather is getting you super super excited for summer! (It is for me!) YAY SUNSHINE!

And we all know what that means?

Yes, summer skin!

Now I have a few little beauties to help achieve that super silky smooth and soft skin we all want for some spring and summer fun!

Welcome Sephora Chocolate Mositurizing Body Lotion and Sephora Chocolate Creamy Body Wash!

Now Sephora, when I bought this pair sold a wide rainbow of different colour and flavoured body products just like these! But I was drawn in by the beautiful chocolatey scent of these and I also wanted to see how they matched up in comparison to Palmers famous cocoa butter! 

Well first off the body lotion is a lot thinner and absorbs a lot quicker than Palmers does! It's possibly not as moisturizing as Palmers, but it certainly does the trick! The creamy body wash is definitely creamy and foamy! What's best is that they both smell divine! You can definitely walk around smelling like a chocolate scented goddess! 

These would make great gifts as Sephora also sell other products in their own bath and body range and they wrap them up really pretty! If not a treat for yourself is definitely a must!! Haha there's nothing better than having super soft summer baby skin! 

What are your favourite bath and body products?

L x

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