Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Cupcake in a pot

Good Morning!

I'm having a LUSH kinda day! That means a day testing out some of my new LUSH goodies! YAY!

The first one I'll show you is my Cupcake fresh face mask! It's a brown mixture, looks like it has chocolate chips in it and literally smells like a cupcake in a pot with a kind of mint twist! Nothing better to spread over your face! It's kind of like smearing chocolate cake mix on yourself, but this actually helps your skin!

I was drawn in by the name and the smell, I can never resist! This face mask comes in a lovely little pot priced at £5.95. Although it is kind of expensive compared to just buying the packet ones, the mixture does go a long way, and I reckon that you could get around 6-8 masks out of this. So technically there's not too much difference.

I popped the mask on my face, carefully spreading it (which spread really well!) It didn't feel sticky or annoying like some face masks can. After 5-10 mins I washed it off! It was easy, no annoying remnants left in my hair and no sticky bits left on my face, definitely a mask which is flannel friendly.

The result, it has totally left my skin more glowier and fresh. I can actually see a real difference, which is great because my skin has been really dull and allergies have been affecting me really bad lately. So top points to this mask. What's best is that the ingredients are fresh, so no nasty chemicals that can aggravate your skin! But because of this just beware the masks come with an expiry date, so you have to cupcake your face frequently!

Have you tried this face mask? Or have you tried any of the other Lush flavours which you recommend?

L x



  1. I LOVE this mask and it's great for decongesting skin :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

    1. It really is great! My skin feels sooo much better! x

  2. Mmm well this looks amazing, I might be in danger of eating it though x

    1. Haha I know! You have to resist licking it off! x


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