Saturday, 22 March 2014

Peach Perfection! Dream Touch Blush!

Good Morning Beauties!

Now we all know how much I love blushes! Well guess what I've got? Yes another blush!!

This time I was feeling in a peachy mood, I don't tend to wear peach shades, but I remember years ago, I had a blush which I used to wear a lot and it had peachy tones to it, and it used to look really nice!

As cream blushes are literally everywhere right now, this peach passion is definitely going to be a creamy peach choice!

So here's my peach choice! Maybelline's Dream touch blush in 02 which is a peach perfection!

It's really soft and whippy to touch, probably not as buttery as some blushes I have tried, but soft and smooth enough!
The colour is really lovely, and quite warming! Not peach/orange overload! But a nice natural look! I really like the warmth of it, but I reckon if you want a real glow, I think you would need quite a bit of it, as the colour when spread disappears a fair bit! Overall it's natural, but I'm not too sure how long this product will last!

I'm a fan of topshop cream blushes which seem more softer and spread a bit smoother, so I really want to try head over heels, which looks like a lovely coral/peachy perfection!

But for a natural peach glow this creamy blush is a sound choice!

Have you tried this blush before?

L x



  1. Aw I'm so behind on these new beauty trends! I still don't have any cream blushers, but this one looks really pretty and how's the lasting power btw?

    Yet Another Makeup Blog.

    1. Haha! It lasts a few hours, I suppose it depends on how much you build and your skin type! I have normal/dryish skin! Hope that helps! x

  2. love blushes, this looks so pretty :)

  3. I'm trying to move away from pink tones and into peach and oranges this looks lovely, will check it out xx

    1. Same I definitely think peach blushes don't get the attention they deserve! Haha x

  4. I love coral-y colors! I'll definitely have to check this out (plus every other color in the range)! Lovely blog, I'm enjoying reading it quite a bit :)

    1. Oh yes do! The other colours look gorgeous too! Ah thank you! That means a lot! Glad you're enjoying it! x


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