Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Green Tea Eye Pads!

Good morning beautybugs!

For the past week I've had really bad headaches and sinus pressure, and I've also had the worst black bags under my eyes. So much so that I could easily be mistaken for a panda! As cute as they are, it's not such a great beauty look!

So instead of just using puffy eye creams, I wanted to try something different and soothing, to help ease the pain and that puffy swollen feeling.

Can I introduce you to my miracle that is Oriental Green Tea Eye Pads by Skin Benefits! Now I know you might say why not just use a Green Tea Bag, well you could but there's not much fun in that.
These things are super refreshing, cooling and are such a treat. I literally took a time out for 10-15 mins, laid down for a little relax time whilst these soothers worked their magic!
And it really was like magic! The puffiness had reduced and helped my pain, whilst making you feel all calm and peaceful!

I highly recommend these, they're sooo suitable for the tired eyes, the I've been working too much eyes and those teary moment eyes!

I've also tried their Cucumber Eye Pads! So if you want to try these quick fixes, they're available from Holland and Barrett for just £2.55

Have you tried these?

L x



  1. These sound really interesting, especially the cucumber ones! Will have to check them out xx
    Alex |

    1. The cucumber ones are really good too! Perfect shape to cover all of your eye area x


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