Monday, 24 February 2014

Bargain Box: Monday Bargain Number 2

So as it's Monday again! That means the bargain box is back!

Wondering what's in it today? It's time for a lucky dip!

Here's my pick, now let's unwrap!

It's Timotei Pure Dry Shampoo

Instead of picking up the usual Batiste dry shampoo, I thought it was time for a change!

So how does it compare?

Well with Timotei dry shampoo, you have to spray your roots and then leave alone for 2 minutes and then brush out!
And the verdict?
Hmm to be honest I'm not quite sure how much of a difference this really made, it did feel quite nice in the beginning, quite fresh, but my hair still felt a bit dead and not really that clean and alive!
It's price made it a bargain though! At 50% off and a grand total of only £1.74, it does save you a little bit of money in comparison to other products like Batiste. So If you want to purchase a dry shampoo that is free from paraben and silicone and want one that doesn't leave any residue or powder in your hair, then this may help! But personally I think it would be better to save up your pennies and buy a more expensive dry shampoo!

What's your favourite dry shampoo?

L x



  1. who could live without dry shampoo eh? I recently got a label.m one which I'm yet to dry, I'm very loyal to batiste in paisley, smells soooo good


    1. I know dry shampoo is a saviour! Let me know how you get on with the label m one! x


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