Monday, 3 February 2014

Pink week: Pink pamper!

So this week I'm deciding to make everything pink related, because pink is a beaut and it is of course the month of love and hearts!

Happy pink week from me to you!

First up to begin the week! I know its kinda in reverse and you usually pamper yourself at the end of the week! But doing things a bit different and backwards isn't always bad right?

So let's start with a pink pamper party. Recently whilst I was in Miami, I went shopping a fair bit! Whoops! But then I came across an amazing bargain whilst in Victoria's Secret.

This ultimate spa kit includes:
Pink sea salt ( body polish)
Pink sugar (body bar)
Coconut oil ( sickening body wash)
Smooth paraffin ( hand treatment)
Sweet almond oil ( moisturizing body lotion)

And at 75% off! it only set me back $6.25! Beautiful! I just couldn't resist it!

So if you're feeling all sluggish, having a manic Monday, switch everything off and pamper yourself. I know you might not be able to get hold of these exact pink products but making sure you're all moisturised and refreshed can really make you feel all new and ready to attack the week ahead!

I really recommend hand moisturisers with paraffin in, if you have really dry hands, it really nourishes your hands so well and leaves your hands silky soft!
So this pink beauty I have, really does the trick, especially as temperatures keep dipping that bit lower!
Also a lovely body bar like this one, really makes you feel all glowy, like you've scrubbed off any dirt that makes you feel all ughh! This bar includes Shea butter which is great for cleansing. So I recommend trying a body bar with Shea butter in.

Why not try and pamper yourself in pure pink style! What are your favourite pamper body products?

L x


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