Sunday, 5 April 2015

Eyeshadows: MAC Coppering, bareMinerals The Posh Neutrals and NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils

Happy Easter Lovelies!

As it's Easter I'm pretty sure that the Easter Bunny will no doubt be visiting with some sweet treats! However this week things have been going a little eyeshadow crazy.

I've been eyeshadow hauling! I've become quite used to just using the same eyeshadow palettes every day, so I felt that it was time to mix things up a bit in the eyeshadow department.

Here's some eyeshadows which have recently become part of my eyeshadow family:

1. MAC Coppering

I used to have an amazing copper kind of shade from Bobbi Brown when I was younger but unfortunately they discontinued it!!!!! It was literally my favourite thing ever! So ever since I've been trying to replace it, but I've had no luck. So I saw Coppering and even though it looks more on the red side, I can't wait to play around with this eyeshadow.

MAC Coppering

2. bareMinerals: The Posh Neutrals

Whenever I go to buy just one eyeshadow colour, I come away with a palette. I suppose I feel like I get more for my money and have more eyeshadow options to play with! Obviously I'm easily tempted!
This is the bareMinerals: The Posh Neutrals palette. I thought this looked so beautiful for Spring/Summer as it's lovely and light and with pinks and pastels. There's a few purple type shades in there, which I never usually wear so here comes some purple eyeshadow experimenting!

bareMinerals The Posh Neutrals

3. NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils

Well they're eyeshadow sticks from NYX. I've tried some other shades of these in the past but thought why not get purple and pink as they are beautiful pastel powers. These are in the shades Lavender and Strawberry Milk. Hopefully they look good on, and I thought they would match the bareMinerals ones!

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils

I hope you enjoyed my eyeshadow picks and I can't wait to test them all out. What are your favourite eyeshadows right now?

L x


  1. Right now my favourite is the collection eyes undiscovered nude palette! xx

    That Girl Rhianna

  2. Ooo these all look lovely! Especially the coppering eyeshadow! It looks like such a nice shade!


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