Tuesday, 16 September 2014

New loves (found by being forgetful!)

Happy Tuesday Lovelies!

I hope you've got a fun filled week ahead. 

I've been out in Portugal for the last few weeks having a great time. During my time here, I've realised I've left a few essentials behind and I've had to make a few purchases to replace them!

One main belonging which I stupidly forgot was my sunglasses. As it's pretty sunny everyday, they're kind of essential!

So due to my ditziness, I actually had a purpose to go shopping! (my internal shopaholic was extremely happy!).

Of course I ended up buying a lot more, but I thought I'd share with you a few of my replacements.

First up is these sunglasses from Zara. I just wanted a pair to tide me over for this trip, so I felt these quirky ones were pretty great. I have quite a small face, and can easily get swamped by big frames so these definitely do the trick (even though they're still slightly on the large side for me!)

They even came with a lovely case (perfect for us clumsy ones too!)

Horror also struck when I realised I forgot my concealer. I decided to branch out of my concealer comfort zone and try a new one. So here is the Kiko Skin Evolution Concealer. 
At €5.90, I thought it was reasonably priced. It gives great coverage, feels light when applied and leaves a natural finish and actually feels quite nourishing. I'm seriously impressed by it!

Lastly I forgot some nail care bits. So I picked up these nail files in Sephora. As they're bright orange, I knew they would be harder to lose (forgetful friendly!). I haven't used these yet, but I'm sure they'll live up to Sephora's top standard.

Have you found any new loves whilst being forgetful?


  1. That kiko concealer sounds really nice! Hoping to pop into Kiko when I'm in london next month. Great post lovely :)


    1. I was really stunned by how good it was. I also got a mascara from there too which I'll do a post on soon but I'm pretty impressed with it so far. New Kiko addict! haha x


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