Monday, 29 September 2014

Black Shoes Haul!

Good Day Buttercups!

Now I'm sure you've all heard that saying about waiting for a bus and then two come along at once! Well I'm pretty sure that applies to black shoes too! When I find a pair of comfy black shoes I pretty much wear them to death and then when we're forced to part ways the conquest to find a new pair begins!
I have teeny tiny feet and little heels which means I walk out of soooo many shoes! So finding that perfect black shoe can prove quite troublesome!

Or another difficulty I have is that when I finally find a shoe which fits they haven't got it in my size in black! 
So the black shoe saga continues until I find that perfect pair. Would you imagine my surprise when I actually came across TWO pairs of black shoes, which 1. I liked and 2. that fitted.
It was like a black shoe dream come true. So in true shopaholic style, both came home with me!

And I think they were bargains! Actually they WERE bargains! 

Shoes Number One:

My ZARA babies! Now these are deceivingly comfy and soft, there's a lot of cushioning in there to keep your little tootsies all padded. At only €22.95 they are such great quality!

Shoe Number Two:

These are the ultimate bargain at £14! They're from George at Asda. Now I don't normally venture to Asda but I've seen some bargains milling about, so I picked these up and a clothing item. Let me just say they are on the ball right now, so I'll definitely be popping back for some more bargains!

The shoes in action:

Top: Asda
Bottom: ZARA

Hope you enjoyed my first shoe post ever and please let me know your shoe hearts!

L x



  1. I love the Zara shoes, but both of your picks are lovely! X
    Elise @ Elise Dopson

    1. Ah thanks! The Zara shoes are so comfy, I definitely recommend them if you're in need of a black pair of shoes! x

  2. How pretty are these shoes ? The first pair are just the pair of shoes I was looking for thank you.
    xThe Beautifully Disastrous

    1. Ah glad you like them! They're just as comfy as wearing your slippers! haha x


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