Thursday, 28 July 2016

Sephora Masks

Sephora Masks

Sephora Masks

Sometimes we all need one of those at home pamper days. On a recent trip to Sephora I picked up two products. A honey eye mask and a lavender foot mask. Both of these are from Sephora's own line and are such a bargain price for that perfect tlc at home.

Sephora eye mask

First up is the honey eye mask. This comes in a bright orange/yellow pack and this one specifically focusses on nourishing and balancing. It consists of two patches and you apply one under each eye. You leave them on for 15 minutes and then remove the excess. The result is that my eye area feels smoother and more nourished. Not bad for only $5.

Sephora foot mask

Secondly this is quite possibly my favourite foot mask ever. This is the Sephora collection lavender foot mask.  This particular foot mask is for refreshing and relaxing, and it definitely does just that. The heat and humidity really takes its toll on my feet and sometimes they end up swelling especially after a hard day walking. Its also perfect for those days where you just want something soothing and relaxing. This foot mask is the perfect way to relax and chill after a busy day on your feet. The lavender scent is of course very calming and relaxing in its self. You pop these little boots on, massage slightly, rest up for 15 minutes whilst they work their magic. For $5, it's a little slice of heaven as they really do work. They leave your feet feeling moisturised and kind of refreshed. I love these so much that I think I might have to make them a weekly ritual.

Do you like any masks from Sephora's own line?

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