Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Origins Ginger Products

Origins Ginger Products

Ginger is quite possibly one of my favourite flavours ever! I love anything ginger scented, and my ginger obsession doesn't stop there! Ginger foods whether its pickled ginger, ginger cookies or ginger green tea are also way up there. So when I came across Origins line of ginger flavoured products, I just had to try them.

Origins Ginger

This Ginger Burst savory body wash is a seriously refreshing shower gel and it smells incredible! It is somewhat moisturising and lathers beautifully. It energises but yet still at the same time feels calming and soothing. For anyone who is ginger obsessed, this is a MUST!

Origins Ginger Burst

I decided to try the Ginger Gloss smoothing body oil too. It was either this or the body cream, but I own way too many body butters and I wasn't sure if any could ever beat my favourite Laura Mercier body souffl├ęs

Origins Ginger Gloss

I apply the ginger gloss after my shower and it certainly locks in the moisture. This is especially amazing as the Florida heat and humidity can be so drying on your skin. After using this body oil, I'm left with glossy, smooth and glowy skin. Once again the ginger scent just melts my heart! 

So if you're ginger obsessed or just want to try some new body products, these are definitely great ones to try.

Have you ever tried these ginger products from Origins?

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