Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Strobing: MAC Strobe Liquid

Hello Lovelies!

As I love the dewy makeup look and love to create a look with that healthy glow, I thought I'd share with you MAC Strobe Liquid in Golden Elixir. This is a different product to my favourite MAC Strobe Cream which I can never get enough of! However MAC Strobe Liquid is a much lighter product which has multiple uses. The thing which it doesn't have, is the same moisturising effect as the MAC Strobe Cream.


The MAC Strobe Liquid is a non oily liquid which is basically like a really beautiful liquid illuminator. Right now it seems that strobing has become hot! This is just basically like highlighting without the contouring. Obviously there are so many pretty highlighters out there, but what I do love about the MAC strobe liquid is that you know it's going to do the job perfectly when it already has some strobe loving in its name! I love to apply this product on the areas where the sunlight catches your face, as you would with any other highlighter. I love to create the glow look especially on the cheekbone area right above where you apply your blush. With these liquid illuminators I find that less is more, so a tip to gage the right amount is to dab it on to the area you wish with the end of a cotton bud and then blend. If you start off with a little it's much easier to add more,than it is to remove that excess glow!!!


I love the MAC Strobe Liquid because you can also apply it before your finished look too! Mixing a little amount of this golden/bronze liquid illuminator to your foundation leaves a beautiful subtle glow and really just lifts your look.

It's also a versatile product which you can use on your body too, glowing legs look especially beautiful in the summer and the MAC Strobe liquid is your new best friend if you add a little bit of it to your body lotion. 

It pretty much does what it says on the label and creates such a beautiful all over look! I do fear that this product may not be available now as it was a limited edition one, so I shall be scraping the end of the jar and hoping that MAC bring it back!

Have you tried the MAC Strobe Liquid?

L x



  1. Replies
    1. It sure is so pretty when it catches the light! x

  2. I feel like I need this in my life. Sooo pretty!

    Katie | www.what-katie-did-next.blogspot.co.uk XX

    1. I know, it's one of those products which just looks so pretty every time you use it! x

  3. Wow now that is an intensely pigmented highlighter, need to look into it asap! xxxxx


  4. Haven't tried this but it looks beautiful! x


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