Tuesday, 19 August 2014

ZARA AppleJuice Fragrance

Good Morning Beauties!

Now I was having a little spring clean, (well a summer spring clean) and I came across this ZARA fragrance which I totally forgotten I had. These are always my favourite finds!

I remember being obsessed with these ZARA fragrances and buying all the different flavours, because the range just looked so nice together. The yummy flavours definitely made my purchases way more exciting!

The only ZARA fragrance flavour which I have come across so far in my summer spring clean is ZARA Woman AppleJuice! Exciting already. This eau de toilette is a lovely green colour in the bottle, it's also quite deceiving in its appearance as the cube bottle contains a large 100ml. 

The fragrance itself is light, fresh and fruity. The smell is gorgeous and what I love is that the scent actually lasts a long long time. So a little goes a long way indeed. 
The best thing is the value. If I remember correctly, I think this fragrance only cost £9.99! 

Such a bargain, because the product itself is on another level compared to fragrances in this price range. It feels like you get a luxury product on a cheap budget. Always a winner!

Have you tried any ZARA fragrances or this flavour before?

L x



  1. I love Zara fragrances, so nice and such good price! Bet you're so glad you found it :)

    Hannah xxx

    1. Yeah I sure am, it's definitely like finding hidden treasure! haha x

  2. Oh gosh I'm so behind because I didn't even know Zara had fragrances. The bottles are pretty, nothing too crazy. I'm not a fan of weirdly designed bottles.

    And that price is pretty great for Zara, I would have thought it was more!

    Vegas Lifestyle Blog

    1. Yeah they have quite a large range of fragrances now! Definitely worth a look! x

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  4. I used to live in Austria and have so many Zara perfumes. Then i moved home (to Sydney) and had to chuck them all out. I am pretty bummed I dont have anymore - they always smelt so lovely!

    Lucy x

  5. Sounds super lovely, i've smelt a few of Zara's fragrances and they have some gorgeous ones!
    xprincessjas | ♥


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