Thursday, 7 August 2014

MAC Flamingo

Hello my beauties!

This week it's another MAC lipstick. I have too many in my lipstick stash that just can't wait to be shared with you!

The chosen lipstick shade of the day is a lustre finish named Flamingo. Now I think the name might be a bit of a giveaway in predicting the colour of this lipstick! But it is indeed a pink lipstick with more of a coral kind of tone to it. It's definitely a sweet type of lipstick but appears pretty natural when applied. 

It's a lovely colour which I think I've generally overlooked. I honestly don't know why I hadn't tried Flamingo sooner. It's a great lipstick choice for this time of year, or would look lovely if if you're wearing white as the contrast would look great.

The only annoying thing, is that if your lips are a bit dry, it can collect slightly, but that's easily sorted with a little slathering of your favourite lip balm.

Overall I think Flamingo is a hidden gem in the lipstick world. Definitely dig it out if you get a chance!

Have you tried MAC Flamingo?

L x



  1. This looks like a gorgeous color I wish I could pull it off!

  2. I haven't tried it and it seems like a perfect summer shade!

  3. Lovely colour!

  4. Such a beautiful colour <3

  5. I have got this colour, and I love it. Glides onto the lips perfectly.


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