Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Topshop lipstick in Nevada

Hello beauties

Today is a nude lip day! Now from previous posts you might have guessed I like my MAC lipsticks a bit too much! But I do like to venture away from them once in a while! So today's lipstick offering is from Topshop. It's a velvet finish lipstick in the shade Nevada!
Now I know a perfect nude lip can be hard to come by, you have to dodge the concealer lip look and then watch out for the drying chapped lips. So how did Nevada measure up?

Well Nevada in the pack looks like a peachy nude, not so much pink. The colour on the lips is pale, and it does come out the colour that it looks. The texture is pretty creamy, but could be slightly drying. It appeared to collect in my little lip cracks, so I had to keep applying more to soften it up. Overall it's okay, I'm not overly in love with it, it does really provide a nude colour if you're after a standard nude but in my opinion the formula lets it down. For myself I would much rather save my pennies for a MAC nude lipstick shade.

Have you tried this Topshop lipstick shade? Or tried any other Topshop lipsticks?

L x


  1. I've never tried a TopShop lipstick but I agree with you, I'd rather save up and buy a lipstick that wasn't drying - I can't stand it when lipstick collects in lip cracks!! I do like the colour of it though.

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    1. Haha I know, hopefully slathering on the lip balm first will help! x


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