Thursday, 3 July 2014

MAC Lickable lipstick

Morning lovelies!

Now for me there is nothing more exciting than cracking open a new lipstick! And when it's summer and sunny outside, my lipstick excitement just explodes through the roof. With many shades becoming more acceptable to wear in the warmer months, I get carried away swatching all the bright pinks, purples and corals. 

MAC Lickable lipstick is no exception to my bright lipstick obsession. Lickable is a bright pink but not an 'in your face' bright pink. This is probably because the blue/purple undertones calm it down, so it offers a beautiful fuchsia colour pink when applied onto your lips. 

Anything fuchsia coloured I absolutely love, probably because it reminds me of when I was a child and I was obsessed with popping real fuchsia buds! Did anyone else do this or was I the only fuchsia popper?

Anyway if you're not drawn to lickable because of the colour, I'm sure you'll be drawn to its name! Quirky names are definitely part of the attraction!
Lickable is part of the Cremesheen range. Cremesheens literally save my lips! Always offering great colour and moisture at the same time!

Lickable is no exception to this, the burst of pink lasts a long time on your lips and feels so lovely and smooth. This colour is perfect when you have an understated makeup look but want to add that splash of colour. As I'm paler and have blonde hair, some bright lipsticks can really drain your complexion but Lickable does the opposite. It wakes up my natural makeup look and has me ready for whatever the summery day entails.

Have you tried Lickable? or do you have a perfect summer lipstick?



  1. Such a shocking pink colour, perfect for spring and summer x

  2. This is such a beautiful colour, and I love wearing bright coloured lipsticks during the warmer months too!

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