Friday, 13 June 2014

Tom Ford Coco Ravish lipstick

Happy Friday Lovelies!

I've just arrived back in London after quite some time in Miami, where I spent far too much time in Sephora. But that means lots of exciting treats coming up in the future!

I have a slight addiction to Tom Ford lipsticks, they're far from the cheapest lipsticks out there but totally worth the price in my eyes.

This lipstick is in the usual black casing, it looks so elegant and sophisticated. And the TF imprinted in the lipstick itself just melts my heart every time! This new TF lipstick is in the shade Coco Ravish. It's quite a bit darker than the usual pink nudes which I opt for, but something drew me into this shade. It's a deeper brown shade with pinky/rose shades. I think many darker skin tones will be well suited to this shade but I have blonde hair and paler skin so I was surprised how much this darker shade suited me!

As with all TF lipsticks, I found that this lipstick was incredibly creamy and smooth. Leaving that perfect lip feeling with just the right amount of moisture and colour combination, and a little delivery of added sheen.

As my lipstick collection continues to expand, this TF lipstick has definitely opened up my eyes to many more darker shades in the lipstick world which I probably would have avoided!

What a shame I'll just have to go lipstick shopping!!!!!!!!

Here's some little treats which I picked up that will all be revealed in the future! 

Have you tried this shade or do you have a favourite Tom Ford lipstick?

L x


  1. I sooo want a Tom Ford lipstick! They are soooo pretty and the packaging! This colour looks stunning on you too :D

    Hannah xxx

  2. I would love a Tom Ford lipstick, there are quite a few I like the look of, not sure it would be right to swatch them all though ;) xx
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  3. Ahh, just bought my first Tom Ford lipstick in Wild Ginger, absolutely love the formula. This one is gorgeous. Amazing Sephora haul!!!

    Vanessa The Other VW xx


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