Monday, 16 June 2014

NARS Adelaide Illuminator


As it's Monday I thought I'd start the week off with a bit of shimmer! Don't worry there are no glitter balls involved but there is a super pretty NARS illuminator in the mix.
I love wearing illuminators I find they always make me feel more alive and leave me with that natural beautiful glow. The hardest thing is deciding which illuminator to go for. It's definitely a difficult decision with so many pretty ones to chose from.

One of my favourite illuminators is the NARS Adelaide illuminator. As you can see it's pretty well loved. But can you blame me? It's such a beautiful shade, a pink highlighter with the most gorgeous shimmery and glittery effect. A little goes along way with this product.

I love the shimmery sheen it leaves on my skin, it's definitely great for summer or a night out! As it's probably more glitter heavy than other illuminators out there, it may not be to everyone's taste. However with summer around the corner, the radiant lift it gives to my skin helps me get through the week, and certainly makes me look alive at those times when I can barely function! 

Have you got this illuminator or have a favourite illuminator? 

L x



  1. This is beautiful! i love the one called copacabana! its gorgeous too

  2. I love this illuminator, I have the shade copacabana
    I like the colour of yours, looks perfect for the summer!

  3. Wow this is a such a lovely colour - like a blush and highlighter in one. Feel like I would probably go overboard though! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

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  5. Beautiful shade, I will be purchasing this product soon! xx

  6. Gorgeous! I'm really loving NARS at the moment and this illuminator just looks gorgeous :) Xx

    Kitty |

  7. What a gorgeous colour!!! I only have the illuminators in the stick form, I keep wanting to try these.

    New follower :)

    Vanessa The Other VW xx

  8. That shade is beautiful!

    Abby x x x

  9. I love this shade, it's really beautiful and it looks great. Though I never tried it before so thanks for sharing :)


  10. Love this shade, I've wanted to try a NARS illuminator for ages!


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