Monday, 7 April 2014

Nail Inc Floral Polish: queensgate gardens

Hello Sunshines!

There's not much sun around here, so I'll try and bring you a little bit of sunshine on this rainy day!

Over the weekend I was away, but when I arrived home there were 2 beautiful beauty packages to welcome me. I'll just show you the one today!

It's the beautiful nails inc Floral nail polish in shade queensgate gardens!

These polishes are new out, in their floral range. I got mine by pre-order but I think they are available to buy for £12.

As you can see it's got blue little strands and little pink flowers in a clearish gel. You apply this over another nail polish of your choice. I chose a blue colour, for the undercoat as I thought it emphasises the pretty pink flowers, but this would suit many colours. I can't white to try it over white!

It's absolutely lovely and definitely perfect for a floral spring! It just makes me wish the sun would come out again!

The only little issue I have is, that it's a bit tricky to get the flowers out of the bottle! but at the same time it's quite fun, because you're literally fishing for flowers to come out on the wand!

I can't wait to try the other floral nail polishes in their range because this one is super super cute and pretty and great quality. So if you're after a polish like this I definitely recommend it! Come and join in on the flower power!

Have you tried nails inc floral nail polishes yet?

L x


  1. Ah these are so cute, I hadn't seen them before! Such a nice difference compared to the same old varnishes.

    1. I know, it's so nice to try something a little unusual! x

  2. This is such a nice colour, I can imagine it would be difficult with the flowers but it looks super pretty at the end so I'll assume it's worth it!

    Holly /

    1. Haha yes! The flower fishing is definitely worth it! x

  3. Love this polish xx

  4. Ahh I need this, it's so pretty!
    I can't decide between this one and one of the other colours.
    Decisions decisions ;)

    1. Super hard decisions! They do all look so pretty! So I'm sure which ever one you go for will be worth it! x

  5. I've not seen these polishes before, definitely have to try them!

    Thanks for sharing xx

    1. They're pretty new, so I'm sure the flower power love will spread soon! x

  6. I love the floral glitter already in this polish. I will have to keep my eyes open for them.


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