Friday, 4 April 2014

Eyeko Lash Curler

Happy Friday beauties!

I hope you're well! It's the end of the week, but the month's just beginning! And for a new month I decided to join Instagram! So if you're on there, I would love it if you followed me via my button on the side or by searching for luci_lheart I would also love it if you left me your Instagram usernames as I always love looking at beautiful pictures!

Even though I'm finding it hard to believe we're in April already, this new month means a new magazine issue! Yay! The other day I snapped up the latest issue of InStyle magazine! And the best bit is the freebies it came with! 15% off at Topshop is always a winner, but what was even better was the free pair of 'Eyeko Blue Velvet Lash Curlers' it came with and these curlers usually retail at £12! Quite some saving for a magazine which only costs £3.90! These curlers, I'm not sure if the exact same ones (but I think they might actually be) are available in Selfridges! I have seen them there so it's definitely true!

Now normally with magazine purchases, they either give you mini versions of the product or a unique magazine only sample. But no these are not mini lash curlers! They're the real deal! And when I say the deal, I can assure you they are complete winners in my eyes!

I went through a phase years ago where I used eyelash curlers daily but then my old trusty GOSH ones broke so for years I went lash curler free. About a month ago, I purchased a pair from Topshop and although I was happyish with them, I now wish I hadn't bothered, because these Eyeko ones are amazing!

You slot your eyelashes through, close to the root and then squeeze down gently. Then voila as if by magic you have beautifully curled lashes! In my eyes, the result is incredible.

Here's my lashes, with a coat of mascara!

They usually do tell you to put your mascara on afterwards, but sometimes, well quite often I'm a bit of a rebel and curl after mascara, it can make your eyelashes a bit clumpy, but they won't all fall out!

I am quite blessed with long eyelashes, but I reckon these work well on short lashes too, because I attacked my mums lashes (which are shorter than mine) and they still curled well!

For a freebie this is fantastic, so if you're after some of these! Go run and get InStyle magazine this month because for me it's a no brainier!

L x



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