Friday, 24 January 2014

Cocoa Loco

So I was going through some of my moisturising products and I came across these.

Then it occurred to me that these are all cocoa scented!
Considering I'm a person that doesn't even like chocolate I seem to have a bit of a cocoa obsession going on!
It's probably because these products do smell lovely and they actually work.

My crazy cocoa products include:

Palmers cocoa butter hand cream
Palmers cocoa butter moisturizing hair oil
Vaseline cocoa butter lip therapy
Vaseline spray and go moisturizer

Firstly the palmers cocoa butter hand cream is great! It's basically like a sister for the bigger cocoa butter body cream. I love this hand cream because it really softens dry skin and moisturises it really well. It's not greasy or oily like some creams I've used in the past and it smells so good that you'll just want to eat your hands!

Secondly is the palmers cocoa butter moisturizing hair oil. I saw this and bought it because I liked the fact it said it would help to repair damaged hair and split ends. I'm not really a hair oil kind of girl because I generally find they make my hair look greasy and flat even when it's just been washed. But I thought I'd give to a go. You apply this oil to clean dry hair, it will literally make you smell like a chocolate mint. It's really strong! I can't really say it's made much difference, but that could just be my hair type.

Vaseline lip therapy cocoa butter. This is my little handbag saviour for those chapped lip moments! It's definitely not a product that gets shoved in a drawer with all the other Chapstick rejects. This product really works for me. It moisturises lips and heals them. Perfect for winter, and it tastes great too. Something which looks cute and fits into any size handbag.

Lastly is my favourite! Vaseline spray and go moisturizer! If you're lazy or simply don't have time to moisturise, you literally just have to spray, rub and then you really are ready to go! It's so quick and easy, has a great scent, saves so much time and isn't sticky at all. So there really are no excuses, I've already got another scent 'oat extract' which I can't wait to try!

If you're loco for cocoa too I would love to hear any cocoa loves you have.

L x


  1. ha ha! I'm loco for cocoa;-) I love the coconut range at body shop! I've featured a few items on my blog. But the cocoa body butter by derma vio is the one for me! excited for upcoming posts off you:-)x

  2. Ah sounds great advice! I'll have to try that one out! X


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