Saturday, 25 January 2014

Blush Crush

Today is all about my blush crush NARS Sin!
I've always been an avid fan of NARS blushes, especially NARS Orgasm, but as it was sadly running to an end I thought why not mix it up a bit.

As they do say variety is the spice of life!
So meet my new bambino NARS Sin. It's definitely one of my sins. At first I thought it might be a bit too dark for me as I've been used to wearing more pinkier tones and well it is winter and I don't want my pale face to get swamped! But from the moment I put this on, I'd found a new blush love!

Looking at it in its case it actually appears quite a dark berry tone but when you apply it, the shimmering gold glitter really brightens it and it leaves a really nice shade which isn't all that dark. It's purple perfection! I use this along with my faithful NARS Laguna and just like NARS Orgasm it matches really well, giving that natural healthy glow look.

So I highly recommend this blush and if you fancy a change, I say go for it! Because you might just find a new sin like me!

What are your go to blush crushes? I hope you get as excited about them as me!

L x



  1. Hey! I've just done the Liebster Award on my blog and I've nominated you to do it next :) Check out my blog for more info>
    Can't wait to see your response :) Love Annie xx

  2. I have always wanted to try a NARS blush. This one looks beautiful. Think i might have to give it a try as all my other blushers are so rubbish, barely stay on my face! x x x mollymolly-ann

  3. This blush looks absolutely beautiful! I don't any NARS blushes currently but I think a trip to Sephora is in the near future!

  4. I may need to try this!

    Seima x- check out my blog and follow for the latest trends.

  5. This blush look amazing. I love it.
    Thanks for the review!!

    Christina ♥♥

  6. i have wanted to try a NARS blush for so so long!I don't know which one but I would def love to try one:)this one sounds really nice!its always good to try something different:)xx


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