Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Fall Outfit

Hello Lovelies! 

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, life has been pretty hectic but rest assured there will be plenty of posts from now on!

Today's post is an outfit one! I'm so obsessed with this outfit as it's super comfy and chic at the same time. Plus this clutch from Banana Republic might just be the best invention ever! The design is just so eye catching plus it's khaki/olive! And we all know just how much I love khaki! 

Fall Outfit

Banana Republic Pouch

Grey Turtleneck Dress: Banana Republic

Embossed Conversational Pouch: Banana Republic

Adidas Superstar Shoes: Adidas

Any outfit you can pair with sneakers is definitely a favourite of mine right now! Adidas superstars will never fail me. At the moment I'm loving these superstars as they have a cute snakeskin effect on the heel!

What are you loving this fall?

L x



  1. You look really lovely, and that clutch is so cool! xxxxx

  2. I love your outfit! I agree, outfits that work with sneakers are pretty fantastic. Your clutch is so cute, it's a really different design!

    For fall I'm really liking chambray shirts. They've got this casual vibe that I think works so well for autumn, plus they can be that warm element that we'll definitely need soon!


  3. I love your outfit - and you're so lucky you can pull off turtleneck! :)
    In autumn, I love autumnal colours - browns, rusts and mustard yellow :)
    Lucy @ Lucy—Loves xx

  4. Hi I've just nominated you for the Love/ hate tag over on my blog! xx


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