Friday, 10 July 2015

How to be happy

How to be happy 

Hey Lovelies!

Today I thought I'd do a happy and chatty type of post just so I can share some happiness your way and also share some ways of how to be happy!

How to be happy

It goes without saying that being happy is just the best, however quite often it seems that there will eventually be something which melts that smile away! Whenever this happens, it always appears that the negative or unhappy situation makes you feel unhappier a lot quicker than it took for you to feel in that happy and cheery state. Then once you're there it's a lot harder to pick yourself up and climb that happy ladder again!

It's before this situation occurs where the work is needed. We really have two options, choose to be happy or choose to be unhappy. We can let things get to us, or we can change the way we view them. 

Even when an unpleasant situation occurs, I think it's always vital to find a little bit of something good in it. Trying not to dwell on the unpleasant and negative situations can make us feel a lot better as we're not preoccupying ourselves with the unhappy and negative thoughts. Choosing to be happy is a conscious thought and we have the power and ability to choose this each and every day. If you continually choose to think the happy thoughts and find the beauty in every situation. Things will automatically start to seem a lot brighter and happier. 

Another important thing is to be grateful. We often take things for granted, not necessarily just the people in our lives but also our surroundings. Cultivating gratitude makes us really open our eyes to how lucky and blessed we are to be here and living life every day. From nature around us to all the things that keep us alive, we really do have so much to be grateful for. Getting upset and stroppy because we don't have the next top material product or something similar seems so irrelevant when we have homes with running water to live in.

Lastly making a happy list is a great idea. Write out aims and things which make you happy and put them on your happy list. Then start completing them right now as they will lead you to your happy life. Live the life you want and live it now. The things you write on your list are there for a reason, keep doing them because they definitely will put a smile on your face! 

And if all else fails and you're feeling unhappy, I hope these happy pancakes put a smile on your face.

How to be happy

Have a happy day! 

L x



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