Friday, 30 January 2015

January Photo Snaps!

Happy Friday Beauties!

I thought it was about time to do a photo post! I absolutely love photos and I've been up to a mixture of things lately so what better way to share them than in a post!

The Miami Beach Edition

1. Top Left: It was recently my birthday and as much as I dislike my age number increasing, I definitely like to enjoy the celebrations. I spent my birthday at The Miami Beach Edition hotel. It's such a stunning hotel and I can do a whole post on this if you like. I had a great stay and what better birthday view is there than blue skies, a beach and palm trees!

2. Top Right: Only in Miami would you have a hotel with a bowling alley and ice skating rink!!!! I decided to make use of the facilities and have a little birthday bowling session! I hadn't been for so long and forgot how attractive the shoes are! Yes I have to wear kid velcro ones as I have tiny feet! haha

3. Bottom Left: I recently got these Happy Notes from Anthropologie. They're notes which come in a rainbow of colours and I thought it would be such a great idea to give them out to people who make you happy. Quite often we don't appreciate those around us enough, so happy notes will change this for me. So if you would like a happy note, just let me know!

4. Bottom Right: Everything I'm buying lately is pink! I've become a bit obsessed and so here are three MAC lipsticks which I'm in love with. Lickable, Viva Glam by Miley and also Milan Mode. Isn't pink just the best!

Hope you've enjoyed this post and let me know what you've been up to lately?

L x


  1. Looks like you had a lovely birthday - would love to read more about it! :) xx

    1. I sure did! I'll definitely work on a new post about it! :) x

  2. The happy notes are so cute! Great idea, I think that spreading positivity is a great idea!


    1. I absolutely love them! Yesterday I saw that they've now started selling Love Notes too! I think I need these to spread the love too! x

  3. omg your feet really are tiny haha I just went bowling recently... I am the worst bowler EVER -_-


    1. Oh I am so bad at bowling as well! It took me a long time to actually score something! Little feet power! haha x


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