Monday, 29 December 2014

Pink Picks

Hello Beauties!

I hope you had a great Christmas! I certainly had a great festive time and really enjoyed spending it with such great company. Christmas time really does make you grateful for all the wonderful people around you.

However as Christmas has now passed, it's time to celebrate the last few days of 2014. It will soon be 2015 which I just can't quite get my head around, it seems like only yesterday that we were welcoming in the Millennium New Year! Crazy!

Whatever your plans are for New Years Eve or today, I have a little pink treat to perk you up because you can never beat pink right?

Here are my Pink picks! 

Nails Inc VVB Nail Polish

I think sometimes you just need a little bit of pink in your life!

MAC Feed the Senses: I've actually done a post on this lipstick before but I just had to dig it out once more. It's a perfect lipstick for that natural but still there look. I love this colour and it matches the nails pretty well.

Nails Inc VVB by Victoria Beckham nail polish. This is in the shade Bamboo White. Whilst it isn't really a pink shade but more of a stone/beige white, I still feel that it can kind of get away with a pale pink combination. It looks perfect with the pink lips! The nail polish itself is amazing, you are left with such a beautiful finish with just 2 coats. It covers completely and leaves a beautiful gel kind of sheen. I love it so much that I'm definitely going to order the Judo Red shade. If you're debating getting this nail polish it really is worth it as it's incredible!

Dior Addict Lip Balm. I'm addicted to this balm. It brings out your natural lip colour, and guess what shade mine are? Yes pink! Need I say more!

Pink is obviously filling my life right now, what colours/products are you loving right now?

L x 



  1. I love this Mac colour! its so gorgeous :) x

  2. That MAC lipstick looks lovely, I definitely need to give that a go! x

    1. Ah glad you like it, it's definitely such a perfect pink shade! x

  3. That MAC shade looks gorgeous. I have been adding more and more MAC lipsticks to my collection lately and this will definitely be on the list to buy x

    1. Ah glad it'll be on your list! MAC lipsticks are so addictive! haha x

  4. I dont't what I like better; the bed or the lipstick haha! I love that lipstick shade though, my favourite shade of pink!

    1. Ah the bed does look very comfy! Glad you love the shade! x

  5. Replies
    1. It sure is such a beautiful pink shade! x

  6. I absolutely love the look of the MAC lipstick, I'm definitely adding it to my 'wish list' x


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