Thursday, 4 December 2014

Blogmas day 4: Bumble and bumble Creme de Coco tropical-riche masque

Hello Lovelies!

Today for day 4 of Blogmas, I thought I would share with you a lovely hair mask which I bought whilst I was in the US last month. My hair has been feeling really dull, dry and just literally in a bit of a damaged condition due to excessive use of hair straighteners and having it coloured!

So last month for the first time in years! Yes this is a HUGE deal, I decided to go without the straighteners for a whole month, as whilst I was in Florida I knew that the heat and sun would damage it even more!

It was difficult to start with this ban, but then I just got used to not using them! When I went back to my hairdressers she actually remarked on how much better my hair was and I actually went a little bit darker for winter, so hopefully that will help to strengthen it until I decide that I want to be blonder again! Which will probably be extremely soon!

Bb Creme de coco tropical-riche masque

However I used this Bumble and bumble Creme de Coco tropical-riche masque along with my Kerastase shampoo and conditioner, and it honestly really did improve my hair!

It felt soft, silky, full of moisture and actually like it was alive. The smell is yummy, I'm obsessed with coconut scented products so this definitely ticked the scent box.
You only need about a walnut size, and you apply it for 7 minutes. You do this once a week after shampooing. However I recommend that if you're not doing anything and can brave the cold weather, that you try and keep it on for as long as possible as this really delivers a deep conditioning treatment. 

I really recommend this hair masque if you get the chance to try it especially if you have really dry hair because it does work plus it makes you feel like you're on vacation!

Do you have a favourite hair mask?

L x

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