Sunday, 5 October 2014

YSL Nail Lacquer Taupe Graine 53

Hey Lovelies!

Today I thought I'd care to share a nail polish with you all! 

It's a YSL baby in the shade Taupe Graine 53. I saw this nail lacquer in the store and thought it looked such a beaut for Autumn/Winter. So it was quickly purchased and put to the test! 

Now me being me, didn't quite realise that the texture of this nail polish was a bit different, so whilst I was applying it I got a bit confused! Then I put 2+2 together and realised it was a grain kind of finish! 

So I applied 2 and a bit coats and this is the end result:

YSL Nail Lacquer Taupe Graine 53

Well, You apply this nail lacquer like normal and it goes on pretty smoothly, but then  after a few blinks it starts to transform into the grainy finish! Pretty unusual and super special if you're wearing this colour for an evening out. The colour itself is taupe and it appears brown/silver depending on how it catches the light. A very lovely combination which once on looks very sophisticated and unique.

How would I describe the finish? A smooth sugar scrub, if that makes sense?!

The colour and finish is gorgeous and as it's another baby from YSL it's super easy to apply whilst the end result feels very luxurious. I know this texture finish/matte look is not everyone's cup of tea, but if you do like this cup of tea, then I really recommend you try this shade as it's a perfect cup! 

Have you tried this shade before? 

L x 



  1. Such a brilliant autumn/winter colour. Will have to try this out xo

  2. This color is beautiful, not sure how I feel about the grainy finish though! :)

    sam //

  3. It was a surprise at first! Haha x

  4. Checking your blog following yesterday's #bbloggers chat. I love YSL polishes. I have to check this formula, the 'smooth sugar scrub' intrigues me!

    Glam O’Clock | Beauty Blog


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