Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Coconut Water Face Mask

Good day Lovelies!

I'm honestly having trouble to get over the fact that there's one week left of September! Where has this month gone?

I've recently done a little bit of travelling and whilst I had a lovely time, my skin's feeling in a little bit of a state. Hot sunny weather mixed with plane journeys has definitely dried out my poor dehydrated skin. So I knew I needed a skin saviour to make my face perky once more. When I saw this Coconut Face Mask in H&M I couldn't resist it. Something about the coconut scent reminds me of holidays and beaches (probably because it smells like my favourite suncream!). What's best is that it contains coconut and shea butter and is a moisture mask which claims to cleanse and moisturise your face.

So in my puffy eyed state I applied a bit of my favourite Caudalie grape water and patted it dry. I always do this with any face mask as I find it helps my face masks apply easier. 
Then I applied the creamy white mask which glided on so easily and smelt fantastic. This mask is meant to stay on for 10-15mins whilst you can just relax. 

Whilst waiting, I did wonder how well a 99p mask from H&M would fare. It began to dry on my face, like my face was absorbing the mask, so I stayed with it and once the time was up I washed it off.

Well the verdict! This mask was actually pretty good. My face felt really fresh and glowy. It's definitely refreshed my complexion, leaving it full of moisture and soft to touch. It looks a million times better and the scent was just too yummy for words.
I highly recommend this, if you're after a fun little face mask which will actually work. It's great value and you could easily get two uses from the packet.
I can't wait to try their other flavours in their face mask range!

Have you tried H&M's face masks?

L x


  1. I will have to try these out!!! Great post!! Would you like to follow each other on GFC?! Let me know and follow me on my blog, I will follow you right back on both GFC and Bloglovin!

  2. Hey, I've followed your beautiful blog! I've never tried this face mask but it sounds amazing. I've been coconut mad lately so I will have to try this out! xxx


    1. Ah thank you, I'll definitely check your blog out. This face mask is definitely one for the coconut lovers! x

  3. I didn't even know H&M sold face masks - I'll definitely pick up a couple when I'm next in-store. I love coconut too xx

    1. I know, they're definitely hidden little gems, I can't wait to test out some more of their flavours! x


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