Saturday, 1 February 2014

February fever! Shimmer Saturday!

As it's a new month, I thought what would make February less dull than it sometimes can be? Shimmer!
So as a new month begins it is well and truly shimmer Saturday!

To make this possible, I'll share with you my little shimmering perfections in a tube. Enter e.l.f shimmering facial whips.

These little whips are whiptastic! They illuminate and glow any dullness away leaving you with a brightened complexion.
They have even been compared to Benefit's high beam and as an owner of this product I can really say there is virtually no difference!
And guess what? They're super reasonable, at only £1.50 a tube they're a fraction of the price of their competitors, so you can stock up on different shades.
I was so impressed with my first one 'pink lemonade', that I had to just order 3 more!

Not only can you use them for highlighting, but you can mix them into your foundation for that all over natural glow!

So if you want a little sunshine on a rainy day, these whips are the way forward and they won't even make a dent in your rainy day savings!

Have a shimmering Saturday! Let me know your favourite shimmers?

L x

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